Monday, April 16, 2007

Some news on the blogroll and the network

We know have over 80 blogs on the blogroll. We are slowly growing and I hope that we will make 100 by the end of the month. You could help this along by mentioning the blogroll every once in awhile and you could also promote the blogroll by putting the network headline feed on your blog.

And we have 48 blogs in the Feedburner network! With a subscription count that is close to 1,000. A way for us to increase the subscription total would be to optimize the use of your Feedburner feeds. Encourage your readers to subscribe to the Feedburner feed. One way to help this along is to put chicklets on a prominent place on the sidebar (you can find them under publicize tab). Another is to make the Feedburner feed the default feed for your blog. Here's an article that walks you through the process to do that. It's really easy to do and worth the effort.